Magento 2 updater not responding (nothing happens, nothing in console log)

You passed all the checks, did you backup (did you, really?) and you’re pushing the setup button. Then, nothing happens. Console log stays empty.

So, what’s happening in this step:

Set 3 of the wizard is waiting for the cron to run. For some reason, something goes wrong and you’re waiting forever for the console log to start outputting.
It processes the update_queue.json in your /var/ directory.

  • Files in /var/ are safe to delete (NEVER remove .htaccess). Remove .maintenance.flag if you with to quit maintenance mode.

Probable causes:

  • cron jobs not running (correctly).
    • Set you cron logs to log output to var/log.
    • Remove setup.log, update.log, cron.log etc. from var/log, wait to see if they’re coming back.
    • Make sure the ownership is right for these files. Reset ownership, to be sure.
    • Check working and possible output errors by manually executing the cron job in command line.
  • check if there is an update_queue.json in you /var/ directory. There should be = if not, something else went wrong before the final step. Once again, check file ownership.

In my case, the cron jobs were running and I passed all checks. Though, the cron returned an error (logging failed because of wrong ownership). That caused the update_queue.json not to be processed any further. Hence… a white screen and no progress.

  • open the update_queue.json to see if the module/extension/whatever is mentioned there.

If all fails, look in to your update_queue.json file to see the package and version info, and do it all manually via command line. Which works better, anyway, than the Magento 2 web updater.

for example:

 composer require mailchimp/mc-magento2

I’m assuming you know the (rest of the) drill…